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We are Steve & Teri Franco, Nikki was our yougest child of 5, the baby of our family. Our oldest is Michelle, married to Jim with 5 children, Steven & Chris are next, Chris has 2 children, Last is Danny who is married to Angelica. We are a close family so you can image our devastation when we lost Nikki. We wanted to keep Nikki's spirit alive and do something positive from this true tragedy.  Our first thoughts were scholarships for Nikki's 2 loves Softball and Baking. In June 2015 we gave out 2 $2500 scholarships and in 2016 4 $2500 to Park Ridge HS Students in Nikki's name. We are working on passing a law in Nikki's name.


Nicole "Nikki" Franco was born on September 10, 1994. She was a young girl, full of life and happiness. She was always smiling and joking around with everyone. Everyone who got to know Nikki loved her to pieces. After she finished grade school she decided she wanted to become a Pastry Chef after getting a job at Carlos Bakery in Ridgewood, NJ. She wanted to further that career so she enrolled into the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. She started a new life down there, not knowing anyone. She was determined to thrive and she did when she landed a full time job at the Boca Raton Resort as a Pastry Chef, while still in school! She had a lot of things going for her, until her life was tragically cut short on June 3, 2014. 


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